TechniSpan platform launches in the Nordics

23 November 2020

The TechniSpan suspended platform has been introduced to the Nordic market by HAKI Access's group company, HAKI.

The flexible TechniSpan system, which was originally developed HAKI Access Solutions, improves the efficiency and safety of underdeck, bridge, and jetty works in the important offshore, energy, and infrastructure industries.

With fewer contact points than traditional scaffolding, the unique traversing system can be easily and quickly erected, lifted, and lowered to cover large working areas, leading to an overall reduction in project time schedule and labour costs for Nordic customers. The TechniSpan system also contributes itself well to complex environments by overcoming challenging difficulties in permanent structures, where conventional solutions often fall short due to limited flexibility.

The suspended platform system can, with great benefits, be integrated with the HAKI Universal scaffolding system to offer new solutions and methods for accessing project requirements in dynamic situations. By combining both HAKI and HAKI Access’s products and support services, customers can expect a complete service from design to supply, including expert technical advice throughout the project.

Commenting on the entry to Nordic market, HAKI CTO and HAKI Access MD, Ross Turner said:

“By introducing this new innovative access and safe workplace solution to the Nordic region, HAKI and HAKI Access, will transform the market.

“All the experience and expertise we have established with TechniSpan in the UK market will enable us to deliver highly successful projects in the Nordics, in scenarios where traditional scaffolding would fall-short.”

TechniSpan and the HAKI Access brand have already proven their capabilities in the UK market, being commissioned for high-profile projects on Scotland’s iconic Forth Road and Rail Bridges and numerous offshore oil and gas projects.